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Five types of writer’s block – and how to beat them

Writer’s block can strike in many different forms, and there’s no one straightforward solution that’s going to get you through it every time. Recognising which type of writer’s block you’re experiencing will help you find the right tools to break through it. Here we list five common types of writer’s block, and our favourite tried-and-tested answers to overcoming them.

On the craziness of being a writer

It suddenly hit me the other day just how crazy it is to be a writer. It was late evening, and I'd been to my local cafe to get a couple of hours of intensive editing time in. I meant to work my way through a scene, but instead a couple of new ideas popped into my head, for additional scenes to incorporate into the story I was working on. I got excited about these new ideas, and instead of editing my current scene, I started sketching these ones out.

Achieve your Writing Goals

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